This is a course which covers the Load Securement requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  This is an 4 hour course.

The course will teach the regulation standards, as well as best practices, to help carriers avoid, prepare for, and pass a DOT audit including:

  • General knowledge of the FMCSRs related to Load Securement   
  • Part 393.100 -- 393.136  
  • Applicable to flatbed trucks/trailers, van trucks/trailers, and special design trucks/trailers   
  • Covers types of acceptable tiedowns and tiedown standards
  • General Securement, Logs, Lumber, Metal Coils, Paper Rolls, Concrete Pipes, Intermodal Containers, Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, Heavy Machines, Flattened/Crushed Vehicles, Roll-on/Roll-off Containers, Large Boulders
  • Driver Responsibilities

Course Enrollment: please see Class & Events Calendar or call (602) 730-2250.