This is a course which covers how to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation requirements and includes understanding of the Safety Measurement System, Safety Ratings, Safety Management Procedures, Audit processes (Compliance Review & Focused Investigation), and Safety Improvement Practices.  This is an 8 hour course.

The course will teach the regulation standards, as well as best practices, to help carriers avoid, prepare for, and pass a DOT audit including:

  • General knowledge of the FMCSRs related to DOT Audits   
  • Driver Qualification Files & Driver Investigation History Files   
  • Records of Duty Status (Log books) Files   
  • Drug Testing Files   
  • Vehicle Maintenance Files   
  • Files and Records retention periods   
  • CSA scores & Safety Measurement System (SMS)
  • Safety Management Processes (SMPs) & Safety Improvement Practices (SIPs)


Course Enrollment: please see Class & Events Calendar or call (602) 730-2250.