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Samuel C Mayfield is a DOT compliance consultant & educator, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations expert, and owner of Academic Carrier Education Services, LLC. 

Sam retired from law enforcement after serving twenty years as a State Trooper with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol).  During his time as a Trooper, he obtained numerous Federal and State certifications related to DOT enforcement, including certified FMCSA instructor, certified Federal and Arizona State DOT auditor (Compliance Review and New Entrant), certified commercial vehicle inspector, certified HAZMAT inspector, and certified Cargo Tank inspector. 

Sam was the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Commercial Vehicle Training Coordinator for 1½ years and an expert on DOT regulations and safety compliance.  While serving as the Training Coordinator, Sam aided in the creation of the Department’s DataQ Challenge Board (the first ever in the USA) and sat on the Board as a voting member and Resource Officer for just over a year. 

As a consultant, Sam has helped transportation companies improve their safety scores, averted thousands of dollars in Federal fines, and saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums.  As an educator, Sam has taught owners, managers, drivers, and staff how to understand and apply the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, as well as management and safety principles, to improve roadway safety, streamline operations, and avoid audits. As an expert witness, Sam has assisted attorneys with investigative insight and expert opinion on regulatory application.

Knowledge IS Power”, Sam would say; improve roadway safety, CSA scores, and gain knowledge and understanding by contacting Academic Carrier Educations Services, LLC at (602) 730-2237 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





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